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Welcome to the SIFC NEWS where we will have postings of Fencing Events, Tournaments results of our students,

Club News, and Updates


January 29, 2022

Hello my fellow fencers and parents of the SIFC.

As many of you know we have been running two fencing strips for classes and Open Fencing however in the past few months our Open Fencing has been having as many as 20 to 28 fencers and this past week we added a third strip.  It turned out to be very successful and we will continue to run three strips.  Right now the third strip is just laid out with tape but in the coming months we will look to purchase a third anti-fatigue rubber mat. We also want to point out that by having three strips there will be less room on the sides and please ask that fencers sit in the chairs when not fencing and keep your equipment bags under the chairs and close to the walls.

Also we have extended our Open Fencing hours from 10:00 pm to 11:00pm, so between the third strip and the extra hour all our fencers will have more time and opportunity to fence and cut down on the waiting time.

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