May 25, 2022

Dear Fencers and parents,

As many of you know our normal schedule runs from September to the end of June and then we are off for July and August.  Last year we remained open throughout July.  This year we plan once again to be open all through July which will add 5 extra weeks to our schedule, July 29th & 30th will be our last week before our Summer break. We will reopen the week after Labor Day September 9th/10th.  This will include all group classes, open fencing and private lessons.


Like last year if your paid class time runs out before or during July rather than paying for a full 8 weeks we will charge only for the days left.  This way when we open in September we can start fresh for class fees. Fees will remain the same, $240 for 8 group classes, $25 for a 30 minute private lesson and $10 for open fencing.  Please let me know either by email or in person at the Scout Hall if your child is going to continue during the Summer so we have a good idea how many students we can count on in classes.


Last year we had a successful attendance at the Richmond County Fair in Richmondtown Labor Day Weekend to promote the club, we are planning on having our table again this year to give out information and have fencing demonstrations. If you would like to join us in participating in fencing demonstrations, talking to people about the SIFC and giving out flyers please let me know and what days you can come. Labor Day weekend is September 3rd, 4th & 5th, we plan on being there all three days.


Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic the SIFC was closed for a number of months and threaten the clubs operations but since the start of our season this year we have seen a lot of growth in not only the size of our classes but the addition of a new 1:00pm class on Saturday and the redesign and launch of our new website.  Our open fencing has been doing very well and our private lessons have been fully booked and we are still getting new people who have gotten in touch about taking classes. This being the case both Coach Danny and myself have been discussing the possible addition of another night during the week.  Right now we are planning to talk to the Scout Hall owners about available nights they can let us use.  Once we know we can have another day Coach Danny & I will see what the demand will be and how many new people we can add.  We will also discuss the use of that night, be it for group classes, or private lessons.  If we use it for private lessons we can see if we can allow some open fencing as well.  We will update everyone once we have firm information.


I want to thank all of our fencers and parents for your continued support and patronage of the SIFC.


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